Youth Coaches Duel in the Adult League

Last night, Coach Jonathan and Coach Brian faced off in the adult league for a “friendly” pick-up dek hockey game, with Jonathan “LJ” joining his dad.  Despite a two-decade age gap with some of the players, we managed to keep up and even inflict some damage to one another on the score board.

Coach Brian struck first for his team, sneaking in from the defense for a quick shot through the five-hole (between the goalie’s legs).  But Coach Jonathan fueled the offense for his team, blasting a pair of top-shelf goals.   LJ worked offense with his dad and picked up an assist on one of his dad’s goals.  Though our lines didn’t meet often on this night, there was one moment of battling (falling into one another?) in the corner between the coaches, though we’re not really sure who won the battle because we were both too exhausted after a long shift!

We’re excited about the upcoming winter youth season, beginning January 17.  We look forward to working with each of you and watching you in your own fun-filled match ups.

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