New Faces and Veterans Duel in Season Opener

The Flagler Youth Hockey winter dek season began this morning with a great turnout of many new faces and returning veterans. After some early warm up shooting the group moved to stick handling, passing, and practicing multiple shot styles. New players were mentored by the veterans and quickly learned the ropes while the battle lines were drawn for the coming match.

Focus and abundant energy soon shifted to the first match of the season between the Green Hornets and the Penguins. The Hornets struck first, building an early lead through hustle and sharp passing. But after some line adjustments the Penguins were able to close the gap, bringing regulation to a close in a high scoring tie. But in extra time the Hornets struck again, claiming the first match of the season.

A fun time was had by all – a great start to a new season of dek hockey.

Whether completely inexperienced or a budding superstar, join us next Saturday morning for some fun, fast-paced action open to all. Find more information about our dek hockey league here.

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