Penguins Win in Regulation

After three previous see-saw matches, Saturday’s game between the Penguins and Green Hornets looked to continue the pattern, with close scoring through the first two periods.  The Penguins struck first, jumping to an early two goal lead, but the Green Hornets fought back with their own goals, including a sharp shot from a nearly impossible angle by Sophia.  After two, the third period showdown was set.

Having seen their early lead evaporate, the Penguins first line broke out in the third period with crisp passing and quick shots that proved too much for the Hornets on this day.  The scoreboard lit up as the Penguins first line notched four quick goals to seal the win.

With the pressure of regulation over, the teams then took to the rink in their “all-hands-on-deck first to two goals” match.  Here the Green Hornets mustered their remaining energy to quickly put the Penguins away 2-0.

Next games Saturday, February 14 at 9am, where we’ll see the effects of a major one-for-one trade between the Penguins and Hornets.

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