Green Hornets Sting the Penguins

A beautiful Saturday morning at the Flagler Youth Center rink quickly turned to the scene of a hard-fought battle between the Green Hornets and Penguins in the Flagler Youth Hockey Winter Dek League.  The action was intense down to the last seconds.

The Green Hornets struck first, mid-way through the first period, and were able to keep the pressure on.  Senior goalie Dillon was able to hold the Penguins off as they pushed to even the score, allowing the offense to score what would be the winning goal of the game and take a 2-0 lead.

Determined to close the gap, the Penguins came out strong in the second and were able to put one behind Dillon, but the door was closed after that.  After numerous attempts, the Green Hornets were able to score the insurance goal against Penguins goalie Austin to take a 3-1 lead.  With just over minute play, the Penguins pulled the goalie for an extra attacker, but were unable to close gap.

Come join us next Saturday for our next 9am game!

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