Fourth OT Win, Stats and More!

The Flagler Youth Hockey Winter Dek season is winding down, but the weather wasn’t the only thing hot yesterday as the Green Hornets and Penguins battled through four overtimes to decide a winner.

The Hornets came out strong with sharp passing and aggressive play that was rewarded with a rapidly climbing scoreboard. After two periods of tic-tac-toe goal scoring in the Penguins zone, and solid defense in front of their own goalie, the Hornets took a commanding 11-6 lead.

But in a surprising turn of events, the Penguins found their second wind and poured it on in the third, outscoring the Hornets 6-1 in the third. After a wild finish to the regulation time, the teams went through three full sudden-death overtimes before, uh oh, the Penguins coach made a call that resulted in a defensive zone turnover to the top scorer in the league, and he wasted no time making coach Brian pay for his call!

The final game of the winter dek season is next Saturday! We look forward to seeing all our players and families for fun, food, and photos!

ANOTHER NOTE! Statistics (not including the 4/11 game) are now posted under the Youth Hockey menu > Statistics.

Youth Hockey Statistics

ONE MORE NOTE! The next full youth dek hockey season will begin in the fall, but there will be summer “pick-up” games. All who are able to make it out are welcome. Please talk to your coaches about a schedule, and keep an eye on this website.

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