Green Hornets Win Winter 2015 Final

The Green Hornets earned a much-deserved win in the final match of the Flagler Youth Hockey Winter 2015 dek league, defeating the Penguins 7-5 in a close battle through three periods.

The Hornets set the tone of the game, striking first after breaking in past the Penguins defense.  But the Penguins would tie the match later that shift to bring out the second lines tied 1-1.  The see-saw scoring continued as all three lines lit up the scoreboard.  But with the heat building and exhaustion settling in, the Hornets third line scored two in quick succession that left the Penguins chasing and unable to close a two-goal deficit.  As the clock wound down, the Hornets defense stifled the Penguins and sealed the win.

After some good post-game food prepared by our much-appreciated team parents, and some delicious pizza donated by Papa John’s, it was time for the duel of the season – DODGEBALL!!

Both teams were sure to remember the 5 D’s of dodgeball according to Patches  O’Houlihan:

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and… Dodge.

It’s been a great season!  We the coaches are proud of all the players for their efforts, and look forward to seeing each of you in the Fall 2015 league beginning in September.  Be sure to check back on this site for information about that league, and for information about our summer pick-up game schedule.

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