UPDATED DETAILS!! Join us in the Parade on the Fourth!

Parade details from the City of Flagler Beach:  We are in position #38, located in the parking lot across the street from Santa Maria Del Mar (N Daytona Ave between N 8th St and N 10th St).  Line up starts at 8:00am and judging starts at 9:00am, before the parade.  The parade starts at 10:00am.

We will be arriving at our position at 8:00am to begin adding a few simple decorations (sorry, no float with giant Green Hornets or Penguins this year) and organizing for candy and flyer distribution (the work side of the fun!)

Please plan to arrive earlier than later.  Verbal instructions from the City are for parents and families to park in the center islands of the parking lot, as the parade will wind around the outside (so I assume parking will become more challenging as the parade sets up).  This location was chosen for us to make it easier for the families and kids to regroup.

The full parade route takes us down A1A to 6th Street South, then back up Daytona to end at our beginning parking lot (in all our years attending we never knew it went back up Daytona!).  I estimate total time to be about 1 – 1.5 hours

We’ll have plenty of water for our kids and plenty of candy for those watching!  Let’s have a fun time this Fourth!  See you there!

(Oh, and if you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me, coach Brian at bmckay@flagleryouthhockey.com, or coach Jonathan at jdouglas@flagleryouthhockey.com)

Parking in red.
Parking in red areas (center islands).


Flagler Youth Hockey will be participating in the Fourth of July Parade at Flagler Beach on the morning of Saturday July 4.  Celebrate America’s independence and freedom by taking part in the parade you’ve always watched.  Have some fun putting smiles on the faces of the many children waving flags, hoping for some candy, and possibly just curious about all these new “hockey players”.

Players are asked to come out in their red, white, or blue team shirts (if you have one, or wear a plain shirt of those colors) to show ourselves to the many families of Flagler County who are unaware of our league, and have some fun handing out candy and flyers in the process.  Shorts (preferably black) are strongly recommended.

The parade route is from 6th Street North to 6th Street South.  Water will be provided in the back of the truck along the route.  Our currently available information from the City says to meet as early as 8am, and judging will begin at 9:30.  While we won’t be a contender for best design, let’s show our spirit!

PLEASE let us know here or through Facebook if you’ll be participating.  Parents are welcome of course!!

More information about the exact rallying information and parade position will be published as it is provided by the City.

Happy Fourth, from your coaches and their families!


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