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Fall Youth Dek League Beginning August 22!

It’s the height of summer!  Pool parties, fireworks, grilling, and…  hockey???  Yes!  It’s a long summer, but youth hockey will soon be back in Flagler County.  But don’t worry, there will be no ice or ice skates in sight.

Dek Hockey, also known as Street Hockey, is a running game played similar to ice hockey with the exception that body checking is not allowed. Running, stick handling, passing and shooting are the basic qualities which provide an exciting and fast game.  Flagler Youth Dek Hockey games are played on the all-weather rink at the Flagler Youth Center.

The Fall Youth Dek Hockey league begins August 22 at the rink at Flagler Palm Coast High School, in front of the Youth Center at the corner of SR100 and Bulldog Dr.  Games begin at 9:00am sharp.  Registration will begin at 8am on the 22nd, and the registration form may be downloaded from our Documents page.

We look forward to seeing all the familiar faces, and many new ones this fall!

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