Intermediate Roundup – Week 2

Nothing like playing dek hockey in some good Florida weather, right?  The cooler temp was a welcome reprieve, but the rain came with it, right about the time of the opening whistle of Game 1 in Tuesday’s Intermediate Dek Hockey matchups.

The slower speeds of the games gave some of us old farts a chance to keep up with the young guys, and show off some classic skill.  The young guys, for their part, were able to display their sliding and wave-making abilities without throwing out a hip!  But despite the ponding at the red line near the penalty boxes, a good time was had by all.

Final results:

Game 1:  Red: 5 vs Grey: 2

Game 2:  Blue: 4 vs Grey: 1

Thanks to rapid growth, the league may grow to four teams in week 3.  Be sure to get out and support your team each week, as the benches may shorten slightly and the shifts lengthen.

Oh, and if you don’t like the picture, enlist a spouse or friend with a camera, else I may continue to find creative solutions from the web!  See you Tuesday!

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