Youth League Start Times

First, thank you to all who come out each week to join us and help make youth hockey in Flagler County possible!

As our league grows, the need for structure increases. With our new three team schedule, it is important that players and teams are present, geared up, and ready to play at their assigned game start time. In order to do this, the coaches ask that all players be present and gearing up at least 15-minutes prior to their game start. This is especially important for determining assignments and team-balancing with new players, and gearing up goalies so each game may begin promptly.

We understand this is a transition from our past, but with our larger rosters we must work to keep the games moving and let all families move on with their day. We also understand that things do come up in life. Things even come up in hockey… overtime in early games may slightly delay later games – this is a fact of hockey life.

For the week of October 3 we ask that everyone do their best to be on time. Beginning October 10, the 9am game will begin promptly at 9am.

Please check the game schedule here to be sure of the game times for your child/ren.