Tuesday Night Action – Intermediate Week 6 Summary

Throughout the course of history there have been many occasions where an underdog has risen to the occasion. Examples of this are: The Revolutionary War, The Alamo, U.S hockey team vs. Russia, and now here in our very own Flagler County, The Fall Of The Black Army. LOL!

It was a great Tuesday and game one featured the undefeated Black Army against the struggling Red team. The Black team minus “Iron Mike Bowker” came out swinging first with a goal by team captain Larry. It was probably thought by most on the Red Bench that “Here we go again”.

However, with under 3 minutes left in the first, Red captain Jimmy J would strike back. From this point on Red hit the gas pedal and had strategic snipes from Ed, Douglas, and Jeremy. Due to the fact that Red seems to play much better when the court is wet Brian M has volunteered to install an irrigation system around the rink that will come on at 7:15p.

Game two featured Blue vs. Yellow. Both teams were short a couple of players and the matchup looked pretty even. With under 5 minutes left in the first Dave K. placed a crispy top shelf shot past Vezina goaltender Mike S. Captain of the Blue team, Bobby S., wasn’t going to let this ride. He would connect on a shot at the beginning of the second. The score would remain tied until late in the third when Hunter M. put the dagger in with a sniper shot from the point. Captain Jimmy M. and his team battled to the end, but their efforts would fall just short.

We’ve passed the midpoint of the regular season.  The battles for first and third are heating up.  The Blue team sits just one point behind Black in the battle for first, while Yellow is just one point behind Red for third.  And next week the battles will catch fire, as the matchups are Blue vs. Black and Red vs. Yellow. Everyone have a great week, I will see you Tuesday, Thank you. Jonathan D.

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