Tuesday Night Action – Intermediate Week 7 Summary

Mid November, 90 degrees outside, perfect weather for hockey.

Game one featured the recently humbled Black Army and the Blue Thunder.  Bobby S. of the Blue Thunder had taken his team to battle twice against Larry T. and the Black Army.  Both resulted in losses for Blue.  Tonight with first place in the league on the line Bobby and Co-captain “Hyper sonic Tahir” showed up to end Blacks Tyranny.  Black minus one “Speedy Connor Gonzalez” would do their best to ward off the attack.  With league leading goal tenders in both nets it was certain to be a low scoring game and every goal to be had would be earned the old fashioned way.  The score would remain scoreless until the beginning of the second when veteran forward Pete P. finally buried one.  Black would give their all until the end including a valiant effort by captain Larry T. that would result in a mid court collision between the two team captains.  Both Captains were fine after the game, but seeing both captains stunned, exhausted and on there backs briefly, kind of summarized the battle that these two teams always have.  Very fun to watch.

Game two would feature the Red Ninja’s versus the Yellow Jackets. Red, minus team captain Jimmy J. came into the game with new found hope after last weeks win against the Black Army.  Yellow led by team Captain Jimmy M. showed up nine players strong ready for the challenge ahead.  Mid-way through the first “Rowdy Dawg Cooper” would give Red a 1-0 lead. Going into the second period, with the score now 1-0 it was apparent to Captain Jimmy M. that he had to do something to get his team going. In a coast to coast, Matrix Movie fashion, captain Jimmy M would shred the entire Red team including “Stonewall Duval” to even the score.  But with under 5 minutes left in the second, Red would go ahead 2-1 on a point shot by defenseman Brian M. deflected in by power forward Jeremy.  Yellow would pour it on until the very end, but would fall just shy.

Bobby S. and his Blue Thunder have now captured first place and painted a target on their backs. Next week features  Red and Blue @ 7:30 and Black and Yellow @ 8:30.

As the season pushes past the midway point and battles for play-off spots and such ensue, please let us all remember that Fun, Respect, Safety and Competitiveness are the core principles of this league. Thank you to everyone for making our league great. See you all Tuesday.


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