Revenge of the Parents!

Parents win! Parents win!! PARENTS WIN!!!

The kids talked some big talk, but the parents brought bigger sticks. After a lively battle between the ranks of our three teams which drew a 2-2 final, the parents entered the rink with a quiet humility.

NOT!! As the puck dropped, the gloves came off and the teeth were bared! The kids swarmed, but the parents were too much. Paul’s dad battled in the corner, Gabe’s dad controlled the front of the net, LT’s mom weaved through traffic, and league mom Renee and crew manhandled the youth defenders right into the net! The adult juggernauts jumped out to a 4-2 lead, and despite a late goal for the kids and a last minute swarm, as the fog of battle lifted the adults raised their sticks, victorious 4-3.

The kids claim they will have their revenge in a battle to be remembered at our finale in two weeks. Parents, you have been warned.

Thank you to all for a great day! See you next Saturday for our regular matches. Be sure to check the schedule.

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