Intermediate Roundup – Week 1

Note: Updated Intermediate Stats

Week one of the TDHL (Tuesday Dek Hockey League) welcomed many new faces along with some old. I heard feedback, good and bad, from many players about the length of the games. The Captains and I will be meeting around week three to discuss any changes that might be made. Please provide me with any feedback in the interim. We will be slowly training L J and Garrison this season as Referees and will be introducing them on the court over the next few weeks to help out our core group of Refs. I would like to thank all of our new players for coming out and maintaining our leagues high standard of sportsmanship. For those of you that are new to the weekly e-mails, I try and put together a game synopsis in a fun way that pokes a little fun here and there. For those that were here last season I will be resetting some of your names. LOL.

Game one featured the Blue Thunder vs. the Black Force. Captain of the Black Force “Darth Tanenbaum” and Captain Scavarda of the Blue Thunder would hold team line-ups prior to the game stressing the importance of coming off the court with a game one win to start the season. “Darth T.” and Scavarda were no strangers, in that they had both taken their teams to the final round and fought for the championship a mere 7 days prior. Six minutes into the first period “Rowdy Dawg Cooper” of the Force would lead a charge up the court and send an arthroscopic pass across the court to the awaiting stick of rookie forward Dylan. Dylan would redirect the ball past some guy the Blue Thunder found at the last minute to play goalie. With the score now 1-0, Captain Scavarda had the sense to recognize his team had lost the momentum. With under six minutes left in the first period the Blue Thunder would go on a power play. Now was Captain Scavarda’s chance, he would receive a pass from “Hyper Sonic Tahir” and bury the ball past veteran goal tender Rob Colleran to tie the score at 1-1. From this point on the Blue Thunder would record strategic snipes from Captain Scavarda, Devin, Johnny, and “Hyper Sonic”. With the Thunder recording 5 unanswered goals, “Darth Tanenbaum” and Wile E. Coyote would return back home to the drawing board.

Game two would feature the highly anticipated match up between the Red Wings and the Yellow Jackets. With both teams picking up some high priced talent in the off season, this game was sure to bring some excitement. Midway through the first period “Mike the Savage” would receive a pass from veteran defense man Mike Chambers. “The Savage” would waste no time making “Golden Glove Perham” pay. Only five minutes later, the Roller League phenomenon, Steve Lloyd of the Red Wings would tip toe past the Yellow Jackets defense and deposit the ball neatly into the net. The score would remain 1-1 until the end of period two, when Captain McGovern of the yellow jackets fired an artillery shell past “Golden Glove” to take the lead. The battle would ensue and the Red Wings would remain down by a goal until 2 minutes left in the third. “Buckshot Carter” of the Red Wings would fire his double barrel and even the score. The game was now heading to overtime. Numerous opportunities would present themselves in overtime to no avail. Perhaps the best was when power forward Steve Lloyd had a breakaway and got the ball past the goaltender and Defense man Douglas batted the ball out of the net saving the game momentarily. Only moments later Steve would correct his mistake and end the game giving his team the victory.

It was a great first night for the TDHL. Thank you to all for always keeping our league principles in tact: SAFETY / RESPECT / FUN / COMPETITIVENESS

See everyone this Tuesday!