Intermediate Roundup – Week 2

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Week two of the TDHL brought us some close games with some late third period excitement. In usual fashion it would appear that the Blue Thunder is emerging as our leagues pace car. A reminder to all that the Blue Thunder is now the target. Any team that beats the Blue Thunder will get their Captain promoted to General. We shall see this week if “Captain Mcgovern” will become “General Mcgovern”. We also had another great week of outstanding sportsmanship. Thank you to all!!! We will be holding a captains meeting soon to discuss period lengths. We are the players league, anyone with any ideas or concerns about anything please do not hesitate to let the Captains, Joe, or myself know.

Game one presented us with the Red Wings vs. the Blue Thunder. With Veznia caliber goaltenders in both nets it was sure to be a low scoring game. The game would battle on, scoreless until the second period. Veteran defense man Colin E. of the Red wings would pass the ball to fellow teammate Garrison M. Garrison would send an airborne pass in the direction of  “L J the Giant”.  “L J the Giant” would back hand the ball out of the air and past “Master Scavarda”. As “L J the Giant” returned to the face off circle for the face off, several people mumbled that his goal was all luck. “L J the Giant” would win the face off rip through the defense and score again. This would set a record in the TDHL. (Two goals by the same person in 35 seconds). With Captain Scavarda now looking on in shock with his jaw on the ground he would have to rethink his strategy. With only 32 seconds left in the second period “Hyper Sonic Tahir” would light the afterburners and score an unassisted goal to bring the Blue Thunder within one. Midway through the third period rookie forward Devin would sqeek the ball past “Golden Glove Perham”. With the score now tied at 2 a piece and only 5 minutes left in the game both teams tightened up there defense. Garrison of the Red wings would get called for an elbowing penalty and place the Blue Thunder on a power play. While on the power play veteran forward Mark R. would pass the ball to “Stonewall Duval”. “Stonewall” would waste no time ending the madness and giving his team the game wining goal.

Game two would feature the Yellow Jackets versus the recently humbled Black Force. With the Force receiving their new T-shirts adorning Yoda it would only be right to rename Captain Tanenbaum ,”Yoda”. Captain Mcgovern of the Yellow Jackets would come out swinging in the first period and bury two unassisted goals past veteran goal tender Colleran. With the score now 2-0 the Force had their work cut out for them. At the start of the second period “Jar Jar Cooper” of the Force would answer back with an unassited goal of his own to bring the force within one. Midway through the second  “Yoda” would receive a pass from veteran defense man “ChewBowker” where he would waste no time evening the score. Only one minute later “Zack Solo” would receive a pass from “Yoda” and the Force would take the lead 3-2 lead. “Speedy Connor Gonzalez” of the Yellow Jackets wasn’t having it. “Speedy” would get the ball from “Grizzly Mcgovern” and dance around the mouse traps and earn the cheese. The score was now tied at three a piece and we were now starting the third period. “Jango Hunter” of the Black Force would strike first. “Jango” would receive a pass from “Zack Solo” and bury the ball past veteran goal tender Mckay. The third period would hedge on with the Force in the lead. With only four minutes left in the third, and the Yellow Jackets starting to swarm, “Speedy Connor G.” would come and save the day again. He would once again be fed by “Grizzly Mcgovern” and turn the ball up court and into the net. With under a minute left in the game it was obvious we were heading to overtime. Not so fast said “Zack Solo”. With only 15 seconds left “ChewBowker” and “Yoda” would set up “Solo” for the game winning goal and end it 5-4.

For those that have never seen Star Wars, game 2 write up might not make sense to you. LOL

See everyone Tuesday. Can both teams lose the Super Bowl? Go STEELERS