Intermediate Roundup – Week 3

Updated stats are now available here!

So, last night on a whim my family and I decided to go to a Solar Bears game. We had never been before and had a lot of fun. We started watching the game and about midway through the first period the puck strikes the referee. Immediately and in unison, L J and I say “GET OUT OF THE WAY JOE” it was pretty funny. It was a good game and the Solar Bears won in overtime. We will definitely go again soon.

Week three in the TDHL brought us some low scoring competitive games. We are at the point in the season where we can identify team strengths and weaknesses. Some teams have started to play with some chemistry, while others are just watching the lights and colors go by. LOL

Game one featured the swarming Yellow Jackets verse the undefeated Thunder. With both teams stacked with Norris contending defense man and both goaltenders on high alert, all goals scored would have to get approved by congress. Midway through the first period the Yellow Jackets would go on a power play and start to swarm the net. The ball would find its way to “Grizzly Mcgoverns” stick where he would rip a slap shot into the pads of “Master Scavarda”. The ball would ricochet off his pads and “General Mcgovern” would bury the rebound while eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. With just minutes left in the first period the hive would swarm again. Rookie forward Adam Ryan would receive the ball in front of the net and place it past “Master Scavarda”. The game would remain 2-0 until midway through the second period when “Double D” (Dustin) of the Thunder brought his team to within one. The teams would continue to fire multiple shots at the goaltenders for the rest of the game. The goaltenders would stand their ground and the Yellow Jackets would sting the Thunder.

Game two would entertain us with the Force versing the Red Wings. With Captain Stachurski down several players, his team would not only be tested by the momentum filled Force but would also face a test of endurance. The game would remain scoreless until the end of the first period. “Optimus Steve” of the Red Wings would receive a pass from veteran defense man Markus and proceed to deliver the mail to 32 Colleran Place. Unfortunately for the Red Wings this would be the only time the post office was going to be open. After this goal, “Captain Yoda” of the Force was seen in deep concentration slowly moving his hand across the court. Midway through the second period “ChewBowker” would receive a pass from “JarJar Cooper” and fire his crossbow to even the score at one a piece. The score would remain tied until late in the third period. “ChewBowker” would send a pass to “Boba Todd”. “Boba” would proceed to place a bounty on”Golden Glove Perham” and collect said bounty only moments later. The Force was now up by one goal and the Red Wings would continue to put on a barrage of shots. With only minutes left in the game, “Dylan Skywalker” placed a crispy backhand shot on the top shelf past the flailing “Golden Glove”. This would seal the victory for the Force. Some believe that the force played a vital role in the Force’s win.

Congratulations to Adam Ryan for earning his first goal in the TDHL. Special thanks to Dustin for coming out this past Saturday to help out with the Youth League.

Let us always remember our league principles: SAFETY / RESPECT/ FUN / COMPETITIVENESS Game one of this past Tuesday pushed the envelope on some of these. Let us all go out and have some fun, good, clean, hockey this Tuesday.