Intermediate Roundup – Week 4

The latest stats are available here.

This past Tuesday we had some very close games. The battle for First and Second place in the league will be up for grabs tomorrow night.

Game one would feature the hungry for blood Red Wings and the swarming Yellow Jackets. The Yellow Jackets were going to try and keep their win streak alive after recently ending the Thunders undefeated season. The Red Wings were going to try and finally generate the necessary chemistry to capitalize on all of the high priced talent that was acquired in the off season. With “Golden Glove” in one net and the up and coming Mckay in the other the goals would be few and far between. Mid-way through the first period the Yellow Jackets would swarm. “Speedy Connor Gonzalez” would battle down the court and put in an unassisted goal to give his team a 1-0 lead. The teams would battle ferociously through the remainder of the first and all of the second. Midway through the third period Captain Ed, with the look of frustration, would take matters into his own hands. Ed would receive the ball and send it to “Wild Boy Garrison”. “Wild Boy” would bury the ball past Mckay to even the score at one a piece. With the Red Wings now having tasted the chance of victory, “Optimus Steve” and “Sorcerer Tobeck” would fire off multiple artillery rounds at Mckay to no avail. With only minutes left in the third “Speedy Gonzalez” would make a beautiful pass to Jacob D. Jacob would waste no time giving “Golden Glove” a “buy one get one free coupon” The Yellow Jackets would keep their win streak alive and send Captain Ed and his high priced talent back to the drawing board.

Game two would feature the recently humbled Thunder verse the Force. “Yoda” and Captain Scavarda were no strangers and every time these two captains square off it is always a great game. Master Scavarda and Rob C. would be the assigned gate keepers for their teams. No one without a key would be allowed to put the ball in the net. The Goalies would keep the game scoreless until the start of the second period. “Stonewall” would feed “Double D” a pass and “Double D” would not hesitate to give the Thunder a 1-0 lead. With the Thunder now gaining the momentum, it would only be minutes later when “Double D” would send a pass to Captain Scavarda. Captain Scavarda would let loose a crispy shot that would find the back of the net. With the score now 2-0 “Yoda” would have to call upon his inner powers to help his team get back in the game. At the start of the third period “Zack Solo” would place a crispy shot behind “Master Scavarda” to bring his team within one. With less than ten seconds left in the game “Yoda” would fire a shot from the red line and immediately move his hand in a force like fashion. Somehow the ball would make it in the net. The two teams would head to overtime and the Force would pull away with a victory.

I will see everyone tomorrow for some Safe/Respectful/ Fun/ Competitive hockey.