Intermediate Roundup – Week 7

Updated stats now available here!

Forget the Canadians Vs. Bruins. Forget the Washington Capitals Vs. Pittsburgh Penguins. Forget Team USA Vs. Team Russia.  Here, in our small county of Flagler, we have the greatest rivalry in sports history,  The Force Vs. Thunder.  These two teams have battled back and forth since the end of the fall 2015 season and tonight would be no different.   At the drop of the ball the battle would immediately ensue.  The two teams would hammer the ball back and forth like a Wimbledon match until late in the first period when “Chewbowker” would connect with “Zack Solo” of the Force for the first goal of the night.  The Force would gain the momentum and keep the pressure on into the second period.   The second period would gain the Force goals 2 and 3 when “Yoda” would connect with “Zack Solo”.  “Zack Solo” would receive the second hat trick of the season and the Force would lead the game 3-0.  With the Thunder now down by three, Captain Scavarada would bare the burden of giving his team a chance to get back into the game.  The third period would begin and Captain Scavarda would quarterback a play that would connect the ball to “Hyper Sonic Tahir” where he would Fed Ex it to “Double D” for the Thunders first goal.  With time running out and the Thunder still down by 2 Captain Scavarda would take the ball short handed, coast to coast, and bury it past Rob Colleran to bring the game to within 1.  Only two minutes later power forward “Mark Rossup” would be set up by “Stonewall” and “Hyper Sonic” For the game tying goal.    The teams would head to overtime and the goaltenders would hold the line.  Overtime was complete and we were heading to a shoot out.  The shoot out would go into the seventh round and Youth League MVP Dylan Smith of the Force would put a backhand shot past “Master Scavarda” for the win.

Game two would feature a game with a little less rivalry.  The history making 1 goal loss streak of the Red Wings Vs. the Yellow Jackets.  The Yellow jackets would come out swinging in the first period.  Douglas would connect with “Gonzalez” for the first goal of the night.  Only 37 seconds later a quick wind gust by “Hurricane Pete” would give the Yellow jackets an early two goal lead.  The Second period would start and “Gonzalez” would add a third unanswered goal to the  Yellow Jackets.  With the chance of the Red wings not continuing their losing by one goal streak, Captain Ed would motivate his troops. With under 5 minutes left in the second Mike Tortorella would receive a pass from “Colin the Animal Steel” and record his first goal in the TDHL.  The Red wings would continue their attack.  With just a few minutes left in the second period “Optimums Steve” would take high velocity wrist shot that would be blocked by Douglas’ (groin).  “Optimums Steve” would record one additional goal in the third period to bring his team within one.  The Yellow Jackets would hold on for the win and the Red Wings would keep the streak alive.

Congratulations to Mike Tortorella for getting his first goal in the TDHL.

While I took a moment to poke a little fun at the Black and Blue Rivalry, let us be reminded that the last two meetings between Black and Blue have not had the best interest of the league in mind. The order of operations that must be kept in our league are SAFETY / RESPECT / FUN / AND THEN COMPETITIVENESS. No one wants to come out to play hockey on a Tuesday night and be stressed out. I will see everyone tomorrow night for some fun.