Summer Intermediate Action Heats Up

Week two of the TDHL brought us some exciting match ups along with a thrilling overtime game. A question about off sides has come up a couple of times so I wanted to clarify this situation. If a player has possession and control of the ball, the players body may enter the zone prior to the ball. In other words you may stick handle the ball into the offensive zone backwards and this will not be offsides. All other players must still not precede the ball into the zone. The captains and I will be meeting over the next week or so to fine tune the teams and get everyone geared up for a championship run. As always we are out here to have fun and enjoy the game of hockey, anyone with any good ideas or concerns to help make our league better are always welcomed and appreciated.

Game one would feature the Thunder versus the Jaguars. The ball would drop and the teams would commence to fighting. “Mike Veznia” of the Thunder and veteran goalie Rob Colleran would hold the teams scoreless through the first period. The second period would start and at the mid way point power forward “Lindsey Storm” and side kick Derek Fazzie would find themselves  in a 2 on 1 situation. In a tic tac toe fashion Derek would place the ball on the “Storm’s” stick where she would make the Jaguars pay and give her team a 1-0 lead. The goalies would stand strong for the remainder of the second period and allow no additional goals. The third period would begin and the dynamic duo of  “The Rocket Jeffers” and “Quick Silver Connor”  would take the court ready to dance. “Quick Silver” would find the “Rocket” and hit him in stride with a crispy pass. The “Rocket”  would rip a shot past Colleran and bulge the net. With the score now 2-0, and time running out Captain Steve of the Jaguars would rage. He was seen in the parking lot trying to flip someones car over. Captain Steve in a daring move would stack the line to try and get some offense and momentum heading his way. “Captain Norris” would return volley and stack his line as well and crush the spirits of the Jaguars. The Dynamic Duo of “Quick Silver” and the “Rocket” would seal the deal with one additional goal and “Mike Veznia” would get his first shut out of the season.

Game two would bring us the Predators versus the Blizzard. The Predators would still be down one Mcgovern and the Blizzard were still waiting for the high priced talent picked up from the Roller league to start producing points. In usual fashion, as negotiated by the goal tenders union, no goals would be allowed in the first period. The teams would battle neck and neck until just under 1 minute remained in the second period. “Kong Ryan” of the Blizzard would take matters into his own hands. He would scoop up a loose ball and fire it past “Cooper Hextall” and give his team a one goal lead. The third period would start and “Twinkle Toes Johnny Jacobsen” of the Blizzard would get his team on the board again. With the Blizzard now with a commanding lead and the spirits of the Predators broken, it would take a miracle to get them back in the game. The miracle came only a few minutes later when youth league Phenomenon Jacob Douglas  of the Predators scooped up a loose ball and made “Bronze Glove Perham” pay. with the score now 2-1, the Predators gained the momentum.  Veteran power forward “Larry Ross” would take the ball up the court burning a few defenders along the way and placing the ball into the basket.  The game was now tied and the crowd was back in it. With just under two minutes left “Larry Ross” would work his magic again and give the Predators the go ahead goal. It would have appeared to most that the Predators had the game won. With only seconds left in the game Jimmy Jacobsen of the Blizzard would fire a wrist shot from half court that would force the game into overtime. The teams would battle in sudden death format back and forth. With only 2 minutes left in the overtime rookie sensation Dewey Rodgerson would pick up a loose ball in front of the net and bury it past “Cooper Hextall”. Although The Blizzard would walk away as the Victors, it was a great game played by all.

See everyone tomorrow for some SAFE/ RESPECTFUL/ FUN / COMPETITIVE HOCKEY!