Intermediate Roundup – Week 1

The first night of the fall season would bring us some new revelations and some amazing things.  There were two amazing things that happened on our first night.  The first amazing thing that happened was rookie goalie Derick Fazzie showing up and delivered a league leading 95% save percentage.  The second amazing thing was being able to watch Bobby Perham and Jeremy Fink try to play goalie with blindfolds on to no avail.

Game one of the evening would bring us the Red team taking on the Bolts.  The ball would drop and almost immediately the red team would strike.  ” Crazy legs Marine” would grab a mishandled ball in front of the net and rip it past the “Fazzinator” With the score now 1-0 it would be the Bolts turn to try and match the efforts.  “Anton the magnificent”, of the Bolts, would strike and even the score going into the first intermission.  The second period would begin and the Bolts wold turn up the volume.  Strategic snipes from Captain Rossop and “Anton the magnificent” over the next two periods would leave the Red Team heading back to the drawing board  with a 4-1 loss.

Game two of the evening would bring us the Black team taking on the Orange team.  The game would start and the methodical march of the Orange team would begin.  A non stop barrage of shots and goals would come from the Orange team.  Tahir, Jacob, Hunter, Shane, Mike T., Tahir , Jacob and Hunter would all score to leave the blindfolded goalie “Finkster” and his teammates at a loss.  While the Black teams power forward Jimmy Jacobson would put up a couple goals as well, it would not be enough to match the 8 goals scored by the Orange team.

The final game of the night would be the featured game.  It would be the Barracudas taking on the Ghost Busters.  “Golden Glove Perham”, would also take the Blind fold challenge to see if he could do it.  The game would start and “Golden Glove” would fail immediately.  Captain “Great White Elliott” ,of the Barracudas,  would receive the ball and make the Blindfolded “Golden Glove” pay.  As was with the second game, the Barracudas would launch an assault on the Ghost Busters. Although, the Captain of the Ghost Busters, “Stay Puft Tobek,” would record a hat trick in the second period, it would not be enough to tackle the Barracudas  on this night.  The final score would be 7-3 and “Golden Glove” would remove his Blindfold.

See everyone tomorrow for some safe fun hockey!!


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Intermediate Roundup – Week 3

NoGame one of the evening would bring us the Herrings taking on the River Kings. Captain Dougherty of the Kings had been holding secret practices and making his team watch game footage for the two weeks leading up to this game. We would soon find out if these extra efforts would pay off. The ball would drop and the rumble would start. Only Six minutes into the game “Byng Mcgovern” would connect with “Mr.Incredible” and give the Herrings a shocking one goal lead. The teams would retire to the bench for the first intermission. During the Intermission, Captain Dougherty, of the Kings,  would pick up a picnic bench and throw it over the rink. The second period would begin and the Herrings would continue their methodical march over the Kings. Veteran Defense man “Hannibal Harrington” (HELLO CLARICE!) would receive a pass from “Mr.Lloyd” and quickly give the Herrings a two goal lead. The kings would respond to this goal by having substitute defenseman “Hunter Maraschino” launch the ball out of the court for a delay of game penalty. Moments later “Mad Dog Elliot” would receive a matching penalty and join his teammate in the penalty box. With the Herrings now having a 4 on 2 advantage, they would finish the River Kings off. “Mr.incredible” would strike again and give his team a comfortable 3-0 lead. Both teams would add a third period period goal and the Herrings would secure their spot in second place in the league.

Game 2 of the night would bring us the most highly anticipated game of the season. The Shadows, led by “Marcus Toolbox” would be taking on The Other Team led by “B D Jacobsen”. The ball would drop and The Other Team would strike first. Power forward “Jimmy  J” would charge down the court and give his team a 1-0 lead. Only two minutes later the Shadows would put on a relentless assault. Garrison, Tyler and “LJ the Giant” would serve up three unanswered goals to take the Shadows to the first intermission with a 3-1 lead. The second period would bring us the exact opposite results. High priced talent Eric Leduc would record an early second period goal for the Shadows and then The Other Team would score three unanswered goals from “Jimmy J” and ” Hunter Maraschino”. The teams would retire to the second intermission with the score 4-4 and the game up for grabs. The third period would begin and the teams would battle like a Roman tug of war match. Finally, with under two minutes to play “Mike K Deez” of the Shadows would find the back of the net and gain his team their first win of the season.

The schedule, rosters, and stats are now available for download from their respective pages.

See everyone tomorrow for some fun hockey!!


Intermediate (TDHL) Hockey Action is Back!

The Fall season is officially underway and both games brought us some exciting action. Just a reminder that league fees are now due. $20.00 for captains/goalies/youth and $35.00 for all others.

Game one would feature a Civil War. Brother against brother! Team Harambe, captained by Mike Scavarda, and the Sun Devils, captained by Bobby Scavarda, would kick off the season. The ball would drop and the teams would start to battle. With a Conn Smythe goalie in one net and a Veznia goalie in the other, the goals would be few and far between. Finally, at the beginning of the third period a goal would be scored. “Bobby Fazzie” of the Sun Devils would pass the ball to veteran defense man “Bobby Rossop”. Bobby would proceed to wind up and rip the ball past “King Kong Scavarda”. The Devils had broken the ice and now had a 1-0 lead. On the same shift, Harambe would charge back down the court to even the score. An ill fated pass by “Bobby Douglas” would land on “Wicked Tobeks” stick. “Wicked” would move in and fire a shot past “Golden Glove Bobby”. The score was now tied and time was running out. It was highly likely that the next goal would win the game. With less than 5 minutes to go “Bobby Douglas” would pass the ball to Bobby Rossop. “Bobby Rossop” would then forward it to the wide open “Jacob Bobby”. “Jacob Bobby” would bury the ball past “Kong” and win the game for the Sun Devils.

Game 2 would feature the Bruins versus the Phantoms. The Bruins were missing their starting goalie, as he was finishing up his Mt. Everest climb. Returning for the Phantoms was all star goalie, and back up to the Canadian World Cup team, Brian Mckay. The ball would drop and the Phantoms would start to apply the pain and suffering. The first period would bring us strategic snipes from Zack Ellis and John Deuble to give the Phantoms a 2-0 lead. The second period would begin and Zach would add another to make it 3-0. Just when it couldn’t get any worse for the Bruins, veteran defense man, Mike Bowker, would receive a penalty and put the Phantoms on a power play. The captain of the Bruins, Larry Tanenbaum, would start to feel overwhelmed with the sad “Jordan Meme” look on Bowker’s face in the penalty box. In a true show of sportsmanship, he would launch the ball over the fence and take a penalty of his own to console his teammate in the box. Additional snipes from John Deuble, “L J the Giant” and Zach Ellis would finish the game off 7-1 in favor of the Phantoms. Congratulations to Deuble and Ellis for their hat tricks. Congratulations to Brian Mckay for his outstanding performance. Congratulations to Larry Tanenbaum for his outstanding display of sportsmanship.(LOL)

See everyone tomorrow for some SAFE/RESPECTFUL/ FUN/ COMPETITIVE Hockey


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